Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Web Development Service tailored to individual client needs. Our website is SEO-friendly and supports online marketing.

Web Design Service

Aun Thai provide Website Design and Graphic Design Service by the professional team who are experienced in various kinds of website such as e-commerce, hotel, real estate, medical, industrial and corporate website. We can create the website in Thai, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and other languages.

Our website is Responsive Web Design which supports the users on all devices. Not only the user experience, we also design the website to support SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with our techniques from our headquarters in Japan which have over 19 years of experience in search engine marketing.


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Our Website Portfolio


Web Design with Language Translation Service

If you the client has no Thai content, we also have a website creation service with language translation and localization. In addition, we can also translate English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and other languages.


Web Development

Not only website design and creation, we also have a service to develop the website according to the client's requirements.


Open-source Web Development

To develop website from Open-source CMS such as WordPress, OpenCart, Magento


Mobile/Responsive Web Design

To develop desktop only version website to support mobile and tablet devices


SEO-friendly Web Design

Not only website design and creation, we also have a service to develop the website according to the client's requirements.



Other Services for Website

Microsite Design

To design and create a microsite from a main website for marketing campaign


Website Implementation

To maintain or update website such as editing HTML, CSS as well as creating a new page in the existing website


Domain Registration & Transfer

To register or transfer the domain name


Web Hosting Service

To find hosting provider in Thailand, upload the website to hosing, etc.


If you have any other requirement, please consult with our Web Team


Our Web Design & Creative Services

Web Package (WordPress)

Web Package (WordPress)

WordPress CMS website package able choose. Able to choose desired design or function according to budget

Web Based Application

Web Based Application

Designing and creating system or function for website such as CMS, interactive website

Logo & Banner Design

Logo & Banner Graphic Design

Designing and creating logo, banner, graphic, or layout for website or online advertising

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

Designing online and offline media used in public relation including books and magazines