Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Professional Facebook and Instagram Advertising Service to show ads on popular social media which is an effective online marketing

Advertising with Facebook and Instagram

Both Facebook and Instagram campaigns can be set up by the Facebook platform. The ads appear as a sponsored section on the right side of Facebook and on the timeline of Face and Instagram. Advertisers can target the audiences by gender, age, language, location, interests, etc. Therefore, this is one of effective online marketing at low cost when compared with the other online media.

Examples of Facebook and Instagram Ads


Facebook and Instagram Ad Objectives

There are a variety of ad objectives of Facebook and Instagram. The main objectives that are often used by our company are the following:



To advertise with image and text on Facebook or Instagram to drive traffics (visitors) to the website. It is recommended for promoting website or product to the users on social media.


To increase the engagement such as number of Likes on Facebook Page, number of Likes, Shares, Comments on Facebook or Instagram Post.

Video Views

To advertise with video on Facebook or Instagram which is as is now very popular campaign. It is recommended for raising brand awareness.


To advertise with image and text on Facebook or Instagram to increase conversions on website such as purchase, register, etc. It can track conversions by setup Conversion-tracking pixel on the website.

Lead Generation

To lead people to fill the form online on Facebook and Instagram. It is used for collecting the formation from people who are interested in the business or targeted customer.

App Installs

To advertise on Facebook and Instagram to get people to install application or game on mobile or desktop. It can register the application with Facebook to set up bidding as CPA (Cost Per Action).


Strong Points of our Facebook and Instagram Advertising Service

AUN Thai Laboratories Co., Ltd. is a leading digital marketing company from Japan. We have professionals to help clients run campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Advertising effectively.

  • We provide the service by our specialists who have experience in social media management from admin to advertiser.
  • We can manage Facebook and Instagram campaigns for Thai and English by Thai staffs, and for Japanese by Japanese staffs.


Additional Services

  • Facebook Page Creation : To design graphic and crate Facebook Page
  • Facebook Management : To manage and create contents for Facebook Page


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details about our Facebook and Instagram Advertising Service


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