SEO Micro

SEO Guide

On-Page SEO service to analyse and improve website completely and offering consultation through contract period by specialist.

SEO Consultation (SEO Micro) Service is recommended for…

  • Who needs SEO guideline for planning and creating website
  • Who needs SEO consultant for long term
  • Who needs SEO service at not so expensive cost
  • Who needs a monthly fixed cost for SEO
  • Who needs to improve ranking on search engine


Details of SEO Consultation (SEO Micro) Service

Contract Period : minimum 1 month

Service Fee : depends on number of keywords and contract period

Service Details :

  • Analyze website (On-page SEO) to find the strong and points
  • Select target pages and suitable keyword(s)
  • Provide suggestions to optimize website
  • Report ranking of website on the 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • Provide further suggestion and consultation to improve ranking
  • Conclude the result of SEO service at the end of contract


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details about our SEO Micro Service


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