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CVX ( In-house LP create ) / LPO support tool

You can easily and speedy create, analyze and improve landing pages in-house.
LPO creative improvement tool CVX

Summary of CVX

  • CVX is

    a support tool of LPO creative improvement to
    maximum of marketing

  • Greatest feature is

    「 To improve LP easier 」

  • Creating LP usually takes time as production
    company makes it,

    You can create LP instantly by using CVX.

Service Flow

  • STEP.1

    Choose a template

    You can use templates by industry and by product that have been incorporated into the design by considering the necessary elements and configurations of LP to the utmost limit.

  • STEP.2

    Edit the template

    After selecting a template, move to the edit screen. On the edit screen, you can replace text and images with the touch of a button.

  • STEP.3

    Create a form

    Even if you do not have knowledge of the back end, you can build a form just by typing in the necessary items and conditions.
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Features of CVX

  • Creating / Editing LP with templates
  • Connecting with Google Analytics(Google Tag
  • A/B testing
  • Targeting A/B test
  • Analyzing Heat map
  • Editing HTML
  • Creating / Editing an inquiry form
  • Support from dedicated person via Email,
    Phone call

For Example

If you want minute adjustment, You can easily adjust the size of a single element.

Available to adjust the number of characters
per line by resizing the text box.

Work Flow