SEO Ranking

SEO Ranking

SEO Ranking Service is a ranking performance-based service. The fee will be charged monthly
only when the rank of keyword is in the Top 10 on the first page of’s search result.

Strong Points of SEO Ranking Service

There is no service fee in advance if the rank is not on the first page of

※To use this service, the website structure and contents must be SEO-friendly.


The contract period starts from only 6 months and automatically renewed month by month.

※Client has to inform us 1 month prior  before cancelling the contract.


Service fee depends on the difficulty of target SEO keyword starting from 1,500 THB per month

※7% Vat is excluded.


Examples of our Clients


Please sent us the target keyword(s) and your website for the estimation of service fee


Procedures of SEO Ranking Service

  1. Select SEO keyword(s) (※Client)
  2. Sign contract (※Client)
  3. Analyse website and provide suggestions base (※AUN)
  4. Optimize website (On-page SEO) according to our suggestions (※Client)
  5. Build Backlinks from various sources (Off-page SEO) (※AUN)
  6. Check ranking on every 3rd Tuesday of the month (※AUN & Client)
  7. Charge service fee if the website is found on the first page of Google (※AUN)
  8. Improve website and ranking to get the best result (※AUN & Client)


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details about our SEO Ranking Service

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