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SEO BLOG: 5 Dos of SEO to improve your raking on Google!

The important thing of doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to crate "Good User Experience" which is used in the Algorithm to rank the sites on Google search.

5 Dos of SEO

✔️ Update websites contents frequently

The websites that are often updated and provide new contents tend to get higher ranking by SEO, because Google want to present up-to-date contents to the users. Using CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress can help adding contents easily, no need the knowledge about HTML coding.

✔️ Crate quality contents and promote them to the target audiences

To do SEO, the website should have contents related to the target keywords. Not only creating useful articles, but adding images can make the articles more attractive. Besides, the quality articles are likely to get Backlinks as referrals from other websites which is very effective for SEO. However, to let people know your and read articles, it needs to use social network such as Facebook to promote your articles as "Content Marketing". If your website always has traffic, it is easier to get higher ranking.

(*Remark: You can monitor the website's traffic by Google Analytics)

✔️ Write compelling Title and Meta Description to get maximum click through

In general, Title and Meta Description are shown on the result of search engine (Sometimes, Google bring some part of text to show instead of Meta Description). The technique is simple, just adding the exact SEO keyword or a phrase keyword. If the webpage has high CTR (Click Through Rate), it is potential to have higher ranking, because that webpage seems to provide related the information that users are looking for.

(*Remark: You can check CTR of keywords by Google Search Console)

✔️ Make your site mobile friendly

Nowadays, many users browse the websites on mobile phone. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it's time to redesign your website, because Google use mobile-friendliness as one of ranking factors. The recommended structure is "Responsive Web Design" which can adjust the layout to supports all devices.

(*Remark: You can check mobile-friendliness by Google Mobile-friendly Test)

✔️ Create user-friendly website structure

To be easier for users, the website should be organized by hierarchical structures, for example, Home > Product Categories > Product Page. the contents on each page should focus main SEO keyword(s) assigned to H1 tag and H2 tag. Creating useful and interesting contents is also important to improve Average Time on Page. Besides, the link navigation for Breadcrumb, Footer, Rerated Articles should be added on all pages to lead user to visit the other pages within your website to reduce Bounce Rate.

(*Remark: You can monitor your user's behavior by Google Analytics)